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The objective of this publication is to record for posterity the species of butterflies, skippers, and moths collected in Wayne County for more than 100 years. This objective is based upon the large number of collection records in the Insect Reference Collection dating from the 19th century.

A comprehensive survey of the Lepidoptera of Wayne County was begun in 1997 to establish base lines for existing species and to record collections as soon as possible, well in advance of the devastating onslaught of the gypsy moth. The gypsy moth is present in all of the northeastern counties and is now (1999) causing serious damage in and around Wooster, particularly on the campus of the College of Wooster and at Wooster Memorial Park. Chemical controls are now being employed to reduce the damage caused by the gypsy moth. The aftermath of chemical control for gypsy moth is that many nontarget, resident lepidopteran species may be exterminated.