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The annotated checklist in this publication includes 901 species of butterflies and moths in 40 families that have been collected in Wayne County, Ohio. The checklist includes the scientific and common names, collection locality, date(s) of collection, food plants of the larvae, seasonal flight patterns of the moths, and status. 
Many of the records have been taken from the label data on insect specimens in the Insect Reference Collection at The Ohio State University's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC), formerly the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station (OAES). These specimens were collected from 1898 to the present. Most of the data was recorded by personnel of the Research Center from light trap collections and from comprehensive surveys conducted at various locations throughout Wayne County. A brief history is given of the people who made the collections and the ultimate disposition of their valuable collections. 

The invasion of the gypsy moth from the eastern counties in 1996 suggested that many native species of moths and butterflies might be eradicated either by the defoliation of host plants by this pest or by the detrimental effects of chemical control of the pest. 

The objective of this bulletin is to record for posterity the species of butterflies, skippers, and moths that have been collected in Wayne County, Ohio, as of the year 2000.