Conducted research on automated detection of Fusarium head blight (FHB) damaged wheat kernels. FHB causes yield reductions of up to 50% and crop losses in the U.S. have exceeded $1 billion.
The U.S. Quality Grains Research Consortium

NC-213 Objective Chairs

 Objective Description
1. To measure, model, and assess factors which influence quality and safety attributes in the post-harvest usage, drying, handling, and distribution of cereals grains and oilseeds. Senay Simsek--
M.K. Lee-- Office of State Chemist, Texas A&M University
2. To improve management and operational systems to increase efficiency, retain quality, enhance value, and preserve food safety in the farm-to-user supply chain. Janie McClurkin Moore--Texas A&M University Kaliramesh Siliveru--Kansas State University
3. To work with multi-institutional colleagues to improve the cereal grain and oilseed supply chain by creating measurable impacts that preserve quality, increase value, and maintain food safety / food security. R.P. Kingsly Ambrose--Purdue University Gretchen Mosher--
Iowa State University